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TREC volunteers wanted in Wiltshire

8 Jan 2014


Horse negotiating BHS TREC 'S' BendFollowing the success of a number of BHS TREC events which we ran in 2013, we are hoping to run another round in 2014. However, due to the huge demand on our time we need help from willing volunteers. We definitely cannot continue to run these events without more support.

Firstly, we would like to set up a TREC Committee of up to 10 people (including Charles and I) who will share the workload of the organisation and administration prior to and after each TREC event. We envisage that many of these will be riders who wish to compete on the day. Each person will take responsibility for a task such as photocopying score sheets or sending out result sheets and rosettes. While each of these roles might only take a few hours on their own, when multiplied by 10 it is a huge amount of time for one person but a small commitment for each of you to give to your sport.

Secondly, we need a TREC support team, of say 20 people, who would be prepared to undertake basic
training in TREC judging locally and then judge or steward at our own competitions. These are likely
to be people who are interested in taking part in TREC in the future or who do not wish to ride but are
keen to support this sport in Wiltshire. There are many of you who kindly support us at our events and if
you were prepared to form a friendly team and undertake some training we would be able to
provide a higher standard of judging on the day and make the whole event run more smoothly.

By becoming a member of one of our groups you will get to learn much more about TREC and get to
know other members of your local BHS. Last year several competitors commented on how friendly
and helpful the Wiltshire group are – let’s go further this year!

We need to set up these two groups as soon as possible in order to know that we have the support
to run the events in the New Year. Please contact me soonest by email and state which group you would like to join. Remember, if we don’t get the commitment from members now we will not be able to continue to run these events in the future.

If you would like to keep BHS TREC alive in Wiltshire we really do need your help please.

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