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BHS Cornwall Unaffiliated Dressage Results

4 June 2013

Full results of the BHS Cornwall Unaffiliated Dressage competition held on 6 April 2013

Class 1:  Pre-preliminary Intro A – Walk and trot
Judge:  Mrs Lesley Bennett

1st:    Rebecca Ford      Dave
2nd:   Nikki Harvey       Dakars
3rd:    Helen Taylor      Champion
4th:    Sharon Sleep      Cally

Class 2:  Preliminary Test No 4
Judge:   Mrs Louise Garland

1st:    Audrey Coles        Sambucca
2nd:   Rebecca Ford        Dave
3rd:    Vanessa Wilson    Duke
4th:    Rachel Wood        Jazz

Class 3:  Preliminary Test No 13
Judge:    Mrs Nicky du Plessis

1st:        April Dawe          For-Ever 
=2nd:    Karen Cowling      Bronte
=2nd:    Audrey Coles       Sambucca
4th:       Lindsay Brooks     Mr Darcy 

Class 4: Preliminary Test No18
Judge:  Mrs Louise Garland

1st:      Karen Burner              Dudley
2nd:     Sandy McSweeney      The Jack of Hearts 
=3rd:   Lisa Heely                 Blue Monty
=3rd:   April Dawe                For-Ever

Class 5: Novice Test 24    
Judge:  Mrs Nicky du Plessis

1st:      Karen Burner      Dudley
2nd:     Lisa Heely          Blue Monty
3rd:      April Dawe        For-Ever
4th:      Grace Boulton    Tweedle Dum

Class 6: Elementary Test 42J
Judge:  Mrs Nicky du Plessis        

1st:     Grace Boulton       Tweedle Dum
2nd:    April Dawe           For-Ever
3rd:     Sarah Small         Aylesland Apprentice Boy

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