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Low flying notification to riders

29 Aug 2013

The British Geological Survey (BSG) is leading an aerial survey over the South West of England to map its geology, natural resources and environment. The project is the initiative of the BSG, British Antarctic Survey and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, working with Camborne School of mines at the University of Exeter, and is being done by Tellus South West. The survey started at the beginning of August and finishes in November. It will involve a small aircraft flying across parts of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. The aircraft is a small white Cessna F406 and is a twin turboprop and will fly 80m to 250m above the ground. 

The aim of Tellus South West is to provide scientific data that will be used to benefit the economy, environment, agriculture, land management and health of South West England. It will expand the geographical knowledge of the region and contribute to a greater understanding of natural hazards (such as flooding and landslides) and the effect on the environment. The survey team is highly experienced and has completed many of these surveys across the world.

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