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BHS Avon Holcombe Novice Horse and Pony Show

14 July 2013


After last year’s awful weather and having to cancel the show, it was brilliant to have such a lovely day for the 2013 BHS Avon Holcombe Show, albeit at times maybe a little too hot!

 We had a great turnout with 20 classes that offered something for everything from beginners show jumping at 1’ (very impressive running by the leaders!), to family fun with the Fancy Dress and best Family Pony, and classes for the more serious with Ridden Hunter and the Veterans. 

The most popular classes were the 2’3 show jumping with over 16 entrants and the Veteran and Coloured classes with over 10 entrants each. They certainly kept the stewards and judges very busy.

Overall there were over 128 entrants on the day, and lots of smiling faces. A full list of results can be found below, with a huge thank you to all of our helpers for the setting up and of course for the helpers on the day - we couldn't have done it without you, and of course a HUGE thank you to Maxine Cooper, Show Organiser as without her this show would never have taken place!


Class 1 - 1' Show Jumping - 12 Years and Under 
1   468     
2   372   
3   378     

Class 2 - 2' Show Jumping - 14 Years and Under
1   Georgia Barrow and Kizzie
2   Amber Travis and Storm
3   Finlay Scott and Fay 

Class 3 - 2'3 Show Jumping - Not to have won over £10 
1   Heather and Badger
2   Emily Kingman and Cracker
3   Emma Harding and Dennis
4   Amiee Savage and Windy

Class 4 - 2'6  Show Jumping - Open 
1   Emily Kingman and Cracker
2   Heather and Blacky
3   Jade Allen and Mary
4= Emma Harding and Dennis
4= Jack Barter and Chico

Class 5 - Best Turned Out
1   Phoebe Burrows and Hunky Dorry
2   Rosie Norris and Tinsel
3   Jodie Kelly and Quonsbrough Golden Boy

Class 6 - Ridden Hunter
1   Emily Kingman and Cracker
2   Dawn Wagstaff and Ollie
3   Jade Glant and Out of the Blue
4   Lauren and Biddy
5   Michelle and Alfie Moon

Class 7 - Best Local Horse 15HH and above 
1   Beth and Cally
2   Lauren and Bobby
3   Frankie and Misty

Class 8 - Veteran Horse or Pony
1= Martika and Truly Fayer
1= Jasmine and Luka
2= Julie Whitehead and Saracen
2= Bex Parfitt and Hank
3= Sally Milverton and Laddie
3= Daisy and Sky
4= Lucky Harding and Sophi
4= Tiggy Bernhard and Spellbound

Class 9 - Mountain & Moorland
1   Ciaran Wood and RyeballarTzan
2   Kezia Reynolds and Charlie
3   Aimee Savage and Magie 
4   Michelle and Alfie Moon
5   Tiggy Burnard and Spellbound
6   Imogen Docherty and Pepsi

Class 10 - Best Coloured Horse or Pony
1   Curecia Deacon and Lucy
2   Amie and Jack
3   Tia Cox and Buddy
4   Kezia Reynolds and Charlie
Special   Lucy Plummer and Patch

Class 11 - Best Youngster 1, 2 & 3 year old 
1   Rosemary Bradburn and Minnie Penny
2   Laura Korda and Elliott
3   Jane Higgs and Robin
4   Sara and Denzel
5   Emma and Savage Dollar
7   Hannah and Lil Poppet
8   Nichola and Flo

Class 12 - Best First Pony
1   Tiggy Burnard and Spellbound
2   Lucy Plummer and Patch
3   Maddie Cole and Roxanne
4   Georgia Barrow and Barrow
5   Holly Corrigan and Syrup

Class 13 - Best Local Pony
1   Jack Barter and Chico
2   Tia Cox and Boy
3   Phoebe Burrows and Hunky Dorry

Class 14 - Best Lead Rein Pony
1   Erini Corrigan and Syrup
2   Rosie Norris and Tinsel
3   Tyler Doman and George
4   Noah Clayton and Vixen Azure
5   James Goodey and Golden Nugget

Class 15 - Family Pony
1   Imogen Docherty/Cole Sheppard and Pepsi
2   Nathan Goodey/Amber Goodey and Golden Nugget

Class 16 - Fancy Dress
1   Lucy Harding and Sophi
2   Grace Harding and Bonnie

Class 17 - Prettiest Mare
1   Charlotte and Boy 
2   Erini Corrigan and Syrup
3   Mollie Morris and Gabby
4   Paige and Gracie

Class 18 - Handsomest Gelding
1   Jasmine Harding and Luca
2   Lauren Peppa and Bobby
3   Amber Travis and Storm
4   Beth and Chester
5   Maisie and Teddy

Class 19 - Best Matched Pony & Rider
1= Amber Travis and Storm
1= Lily and Teddy
2= Holly Corrigan and Syrup
2= Paige and Gracie

Class 20 -  Judge Would Most like to take home
1   Paige and Gracie
2   Amber Travis and Storm
3   Mollie Morris and Gabby
4= Kezia Reynolds and Charlie
4= Ruby and Bluebell

Top: A little bit of something for everyone from the large to the small!
Centre: The Judges working hard and trying to stay cool
Bottom: Prize Giving in the show jumping ring: 

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