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Louisa Lockwood Eventing Clinic

30 Aug 2012


Grey horse jumping fenceFollowing on from the last successful BHS Eventing clinic held at Naydon Equestrian in Somerset, BHS Somerset are pleased to report that yet another inspiring clinic took place this month.

The eventing clinic was divided into three groups based upon horse and rider experience. This ranged from Pony Club level through to British Eventing competitors. All ages and jumping abilities were catered for.

The first half an hour involved an extensive warm up by working the horses on the flat in walk, trot and canter. Riders were asked to concentrate primarily upon transitions and ensuring their horses were off the riders’ leg. Louisa put some of the more advanced horses through lateral exercises such as half halts, turns on the forehand and leg yield to help with obedience and suppleness. The flatwork session was designed to set the riders up correctly for the showjumping jumping fence

A variety of showjump exercises and courses were conducted in the second part of the clinic with difficulty increasing as the day continued. All types of fillers were used to make the jumps more interesting and give the horses something to look at prior to competition. The main emphasis from Louisa was not to over-ride the larger fences but equally maintaining enough impulsion and a good rhythm to set the horse up correctly.

horse jumping a fenceThe final part of the clinic was based upon cross country technique over simulated fences such a skinny and an arrowhead. This part of the clinic gave even the more experienced horses something different to look at in order to prepare for all eventualities on competition day. "You must keep the horse completely channeled with your legs, not only your hands. The horse must understand every step of the exercise and take you to the fence” says Louisa.

A fantastic clinic was had by all attendees and there were a few stiff riders on the yard the following day! We look forward to the next eventing clinic that will be held on 30 October 2012.

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