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Horse rescue demonstrated at BHS Gloucestershire Annual Meeting

20 Oct 2012

The BHS Gloucestershire Annual meeting was preceded by a great demonstration from the Gloucestershire Fire Service Large Animal Rescue team.

In the past year the Gloucestershire Fire Service has invested in training and equipment to enable them to ensure the safety and welfare of people and animals in rescue situations. 

  Firemen lifting dummy horse
'Randy' being lifted in the 'quick release'
medical harness

Earlier this year, BHS Gloucestershire purchased a trailer for the Large Animal Rescue Team so that they could use this for practicing rescues from trailers and horse boxes and to transport 'Randy' their dummy horse to various locations for further training.  Denise Jones, Chairman of BHS Gloucestershire said; "we just need to get a few things done to make the trailer roadworthy and then poor Randy will find himself in rivers and upside down in a ditches so that the crews can keep their training as realisitic as possible."

Firemen with dummy horse in trailer
'Randy' waiting to be rescued from the
trailer provided by BHS Gloucestershire

Michael Keel, Large Animal Rescue Specialist explained that many of the Fire Service personnel had never previously come into contact with horses and yet they were called out to horse rescue situations on what was the 'worst day' of that horse's life. He said; "in entrapped situations horses are unpredictable and dangerous and our ongoing training means that our own personnel are safe, members of the public are safe and wherever possible we can ensure the best possible outcome in the welfare interests of the animal involved." 

Firement with dummy horse on floor

'Randy' on the slide board after being
released from the trailer.  Even his head
was carried in a special sling! 


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