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BHS Gloucestershire TREC competition at Chedworth

3 Sept 2012

Horses and riders in Gloucestershire64 riders from as far afield as Yorkshire, Kent, Devon and Wales, including 4 current national champions, came to Woodlands Farm near Chedworth to compete in the two day BHS Gloucestershire Level 1, 2 and 3 TREC competition. 

On day one the POR (Orienteering) route took riders high into the Cotswolds Hills. Any rider familiar with the BHS’s ‘Cotswolds on Horseback” edition 3, which was launched in May 2011, will have recognised the Level 1 POR route as being based on the northern end of Ride 8, whilst the level 2 and 3 routes were based on its southern end and much of Ride 18.  The event completed on day two with the Control of Paces and PTV (obstacle) phases and there were a wide range of scores from the easier obstacle of Riding up an Incline to the very difficult Maypole which no one succeeded in cantering although there were some nice executions in trot.Horse executing bending poles in TREC competition

BHS Gloucestershire are very grateful to all the businesses who donated prizes particularly Buffera Limited.

Photographs courtesy of Jon Searle


Class 1.1
1st Verity Rumsey 367 points

Class 1.2
1st   Janet Keeley + Zara Lawlor 732 points2nd  Meg Shipway + Jade Norris 707 points
3rd  Jasmine McWilliams + Melanie Savile 695 points

Class 2.1
1st   Rachael Wilmot 384 points
2nd  Linda Hughes 370 points
3rd   Katherine Lougher 347 pointshorses on bridleway in woods

Class 2.2
1st   Jo Hillman + Amanda Kelly  680 points
2nd  Kim Nairn + Wendy Jeans  674 points
3rd   Ffion Powell + Jo Hughes  639 points

Class 3.1
1st   Leigh Nixon  367 points
2nd  Jane Chivers  360 points
3rd  Caitlin Crossley 357 points

Class 3.2
1st   Sue Jones + Jane Williams 641 points
2nd  Di Skippon + Ali Large  624 points


Best POR Score:        Ros Jones + Yvonne Allen 237 x 2 = 474 points
Best CoP Score:        Wendy Jeans  54 points
Best PTV Score:        Janet Keeley  133 points
Best Overall Score:    Janet Keeley  402 points

Best Overall Score by a Newcomer to TREC
Level 1:                    Penny King  365 points
Level 2:                    Fiona Russell Brown 306 points horses on bridleway

Best Overall Score by a rider moving up a Level
Level 2:                    Jo Hughes    337 points
Level 3:                    Jane Williams 317 points

Best Overall Score on a Veteran (18 yrs and over)
Level 1:                    Ros Jones on her 18yr old TB ex sprinter Bapsford – 359 points
Level 2:                    Rachael Wilmot on her 19 yr old Fell Grindle – 384 points
Level 3:                    Leigh Nixon on her 23 yr old Welsh cross Galaxy – 367 points

Best Overall Score on a Native Pony (pure-bred)
Level 1:                    Verity Rumsey on her Connemara Mulligan – 367 points
Level 2:                    Rachael Wilmot on her Fell Grindle – 384 points
Level 3:                    Caitlin Crossley on her Dales Adamfield Flashlight – 357 points

Our Chairman’s Prize for the horse she would most liked to have taken home:
Jenny Bath’s 10 yr old New Forest mare Georgia

The Committee’s Prize for the Most Junior Junior to complete:
Jade Norris (aged 7 years)

The Dales Pony Society (Area 11 Gloucestershire Group) Special Award for the Best Overall Score on a Dales Pony:
Caitlin Crossley on Adamfield Flashlight

The Organiser’s Special Award for the Most Venerable Combination to complete:
Jane Williams and JJ – declared combined age of 91 years.


Scoring 10 on PTV obstacle 1 – Bending:
Meg Shipway;   Penny King;   Miranda King

Scoring 10 on PTV obstacle 8 – Side Pass
Heidi Hooton;  Di Skippon;  Jasmine McWilliams

Scoring 10 on PTV obstacle 15 – Mounting from a Block
Debbie Percy

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