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The Farney Grange Trophy 2015

29 Oct 2015

Sheila Steven winner of 2014The Farney Grange Trophy  - Scotland's Most Popular Riding Instructor

In 2005 BHS Scotland was donated a trophy to be presented to the riding instructor who is voted the most popular by their pupils. 

The Farney Grange Trophy is a valuable bespoke piece of artwork made by Kelteneyburn Smiddy, which anyone would be delighted to have on his or her mantelpiece for a year, and the winner will be chosen purely by popular vote.

To nominate their  favourite riding instructor, who must on the BHS Register of Instructors, members  are simply asked to send their name and a short statement (no more than 50 words) describing why their  instructor is the best. Previous winners cannot be nominated a second time.

This is a great opportunity for those instructors who are out teaching their pupils in all weathers in all types of schools.  It's not just for the upper echelons, but for the grass roots instructors where most of the BHS and Riding Club members and their horses get their education.

The instructor with the most votes wins.  BHS Scotland Chairman, Derek Knottenbelt commented: "This trophy will recognise instructors who are kind, enthusiastic and inspiring and also those who pass on wisdom and produce results. Anyone winning the Farney Grange Trophy will indeed be honoured and BHS Scotland is pleased to be able to administer such a positive prize that recognises excellence."

Pictured is Alan Hiscox, National Development Director, presenting Shelagh Steven winner of the trophy in 2014

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