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NEW IN 2015 The Beveridge Quaich

14 Dec 2015

BHS Taydside with Beveridge Trophy 2015New in 2015
The Beveridge Quaich - for BHS’s Scottish  fund raiser of the year
Presented in memory of 'Grandad Beveridge' by Jane Belding – to be awarded annually to the person in Scotland who raises the most funds for the BHS that year.

This is our wonderful new trophy an unusual and beautiful antique Quaich and was donated to BHS Scotland by Jane Belding.
This trophy has a grand history it was presented to Troon sailing club in 1964 by Jane Beldings Father.

The first worthy recipient of the now BHS Beveridge Quaich was presented to The committee of BHS Tayside, in general this committee is excellent at fund raising for BHS, but this year in particular they held a stunning race day where two Perthshire yards opened to the public for a day and the amount raised was over £2000.

Pictured with the trophy from left to right is Loraine Young, Events organiser, Andi Bruce, Chairman of BHS Tayside and Marjory Norrie, Riding Club committee member.

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