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BHS Grampian Rider Fitness evening

16 Nov 2015

BHS Grampian Fitness eveningRider Fitness Evening Report

BHS Grampian hosted an interactive rider fitness evening with personal trainer Andy Scott on Monday 16 November at the Broadstraik Inn, Westhill.

Andy is an experience personal trainer who since meeting his eventer girlfriend has created concise, easy to learn workouts tailored towards toning the muscles specific to riding. These workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment and will help improve core strength, endurance and flexibility. He has also developed a nutrition strategy for competition / training days to give maximum energy, maintain hydration and boost concentration.

To start the evening Andy discussed good nutrition for performance including eating good carbs the day before a competition or event to give plenty of energy, followed on the morning of the event, with a slow release energy breakfast and complimented with fruit or energy bars approximately half an hour before riding. Throughout the day electrolyte drinks should be taken to maintain hydration levels and fatty foods should be kept as a treat for the end of the day.

Following on from the nutrition talk, Andy demonstrated the correct way to perform the specific exercises in his workouts and explained that two or three 20 minute sessions each week comprising of 4 or 5 strength exercises and one cardio exercise, carried out in a circuit style workout, would make significant improvements to fitness levels. Andy invited several individuals to try out the various exercises ensuring correct technique and giving variations on many which can be added once fitness levels increase.

To allow everyone a chance to try out some of the exercises, the room was split into three groups who each constructed an ‘at home’ workout circuit incorporating five of the strength exercises and one cardio exercise. The workouts were then passed to a neighbouring group and all members were able to have a go at the exercises with Andy on hand to help with technique and answer questions.

Following a question and answer session at the end of the evening Andy provided a handout to each person which included information on the nutrition and exercises discussed throughout the evening. He has also offered to set up a closed Facebook group for the evening’s attendees and for other people who may be interested. He will use this to provide online support and hopes to be able to run a rider fitness bootcamp on a monthly basis, depending on interest, to introduce new exercises and motivate people to improve their fitness specific to their discipline. Nikki Watson of Lower Woodside Farm livery in Drumoak has kindly offered the use of her floodlit arena for these sessions. Everyone who attended the evening left their contact details and requested to join the group.

Andy is keen to expand more into the area of rider fitness and would be willing to carry out more evening demo’s along a similar theme at different venues. Kerry Sutherland and Nikki Watson also expressed an interest in rolling out a similar session with the pony club.

Andy is also available for one-to-one sessions and for online support which several attendees were keen to investigate.

With an attendance of 19 people it was a busy evening!

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