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30 Aug 2016

BHS Access Officer and joint organiser Janet Lennard enjoys the bending test with her 22 year old welsh cob Kavanagh  The event was jointly organised by Corbridge and District Riding Club and BHS Northumberland. Giving both experienced TREC riders and newcomers the chance to show off their skills, negotiating a wide variety of obstacles and terrain.

According to the National Governing Body, TREC UK, the sport aims to test the skills of a horse and rider in planning and then tackling a long distance ride in unfamiliar country.
It originated in France as a way of testing and improving the skills of trail ride leaders and was introduced to the UK several decades ago – and run by the BHS for a time.

TREC consists of three phases, all designed to represent the skills needed to navigate and ride across the countryside and deal with the obstacles encountered. The ‘control of paces’; phase requires the rider and horse to demonstrate the slowest canter and fastest walk times over a measured distance without breaking pace.
The obstacle section then includes both mounted and dismounted obstacles such as small jumps, water ditches, low hanging branches and opening gates. The orienteering phase involves following a map to complete a route, collecting tokens to demonstrate each checkpoint was reached.

The event offered an introductory class for those new to TREC and wishing to have a go – as well as a competitive class for those with previous experience.

BHS Northumberland Events Officer Fiona Gough said, “We were very pleased with how well the day went, with some excellent examples of how to tackle the obstacles with horse and rider combinations building confidence for the future”.

“Above all, it was great to see people having a fun day out with their horses”, she added.
The excellent facilities at High Plains were perfect for this type of competition and Manager Julie (Jools) Howard was hugely supportive on the day. “All of the volunteers were really helpful and cheery and helped ensure the day was a success”, she commented.
Roma Parry riding her horse Thomas won the competitive section of the event, she said “I thoroughly enjoyed TREC – it was good fun and lovely to try something new”.

Our grateful thanks go out to all who collaborated so positively, bringing such a fantastic event to Northumberland.

 Jennifer Westwood and Millie tackling the low branch obstacle

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