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Intrepid Explorers

21 Dec 2016

Intrepid explorers

A large group of off-road riding enthusiasts were inspired to explore opportunities when they attended our ‘Tired of 20m circles?’ event at Waterhouses.

The great support team, including our BHS Durham access officers Sylvia Briggs, Sue Gamble and Angela Johnson, were kept busy, gleaning information from attendees keen to identify potential riding routes in their locality.  

Regional safety officer Margaret Hedley was kindly on hand to give advice and distributed hi-viz vests and the two ‘D’s - Delyth and Debbie - kept the refreshments flowing. The event was warmly praised and both new routes and volunteers will potentially materialise as a result.

We have further dates planned for the New Year in Durham and beyond – check keep an eye on the website for updates.

Photo (left): A spot of map reading for enthusiastic attendees.
Photo (right): Joanne Evans from Darlington (left) with Sylvia Briggs.


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