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Working Together for Horse Welfare

20 May 2014

BHS Cleveland Chair Jill Horseman is amused by fencing horses 'County Durham Style' with RSPCA Inspector Ian Smith and Animal Welfare Officer Dave DawsonThe BHS North collaboration with the RSPCA will have been running for two years in August - where does the time go? 

Without doubt, the provision across the North East to provide an effective service preventing horses and ponies from unnecessary suffering is hugely enhanced as a result.

One of the trickiest tasks can be catching semi-feral ponies left abandoned on large, waste areas.  It's often a case of many hands make good corralls (see right)! 

On a filthy day in early May, we joined forces to eventually capture two young cobs that obviously held dreams of being race horses of show jumpers. Hopefully these two will now go on to happy, healthy lives with suitable homes.

This is just one example of what working together allows us to do. Get in touch with Development Officer Wendy Suddes for more information or to find out how you can help the BHS in your local area.

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