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North Region Weighbridge

15 July 2014



The weighbriedge out and about in Cumbria

Our weighbridge, which was purchased in a joint initiative with the RSPCA, has been out and about!

Knowing the precise weight of your horse can be very helpful - not least, ensuring accurate wormer dosing and avoiding overloading your lorry or trailer. 

Most horses and ponies weight at least 50kg more than their owners realise.

The photo shows the weighbridge out at Birkby Hall Cottage Stables at BHS Cumbria event.

We recently visited Ivesley Equestrian Centre in Durham at the kind invitation of proprietors' Heidi and Jonathan Cleaver. 

We discussed the condition of the horses (most of which were carrying a little too much weight due to the spring rains and warm weather) with owners and suggested exercise regimes which might help combat further gains.

If you would like us to visit your yard then please call or email the Regional Office to make a booking.

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