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BHS Northumberland Summer Lecture Demo

1 July 2014


Gemma talks to the audience at BenridgeBHS Northumberland welcomed Gemma Pearson MRCVS for a most informative lecture demo at Benridge Equestrian Centre, by kind permission of the Manceys.

Gemma is a Veterinary Surgeon based at the Royal (Dick) Vet School in Edinburgh who specialises in equine behaviour and the study of how horses learn.

Using techniques based on equitation science, Gemma helps humans understand how horses need simple cues and well timed reinforcement and/or reward in order to progress their education.

With one of her own five-year-old horses, she demonstrated how the application of clear, simple cues repeated only as necessary allowed the horse to understand and offer the desired response.

Gemma then worked on two other horses brought in with specific behavioural issues.

She is pictured here with Henry Crisp's horse, William, teaching him to lower his head to be bridled as well Gemma teaching a horse to lower his head to be working on basic manners and behaving for the farrier.

Gemma then worked with Laura Easton and her horse, Red, on ridden exercises to improve control and response.

The evening was universally praised by the seventy strong audience who were thoroughly inspired by what they saw.  Gemma will no doubt be back in the North East soon.

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