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Learn from the experts in Cumbria

3 Jan 2012


Yogi Breisner MBE FBHS was the VIP presenter at our last Rider and Instructor day at Blackdyke Farm Riding and Competition Centre near Carlisle courtesy of long-time BHS supporters John and Anne Collier and their team.

Around sixty riders and trainers braved some of the chilliest Cumbrian weather seen so far this year, to gain tips from one of the world’s top coaches.

Yogi worked observantly with several groups and individuals on the flat and over fences in order to illustrate his training philosophy. During the initial flatwork session he advised 'if you shower the horse with aids then you can’t expect him to listen to just one' and was keen to repeat simple exercises to confirm that the horse understood what was required. He suggested “a friendly kick” could be effective in sharpening the horse to the forward driving aids.

He frequently reminded the audience that 'riding is all about relating to what the horse is doing and acting accordingly' – encouraging riders to think for themselves and to try to be one step ahead of the horse if at all possible.

Yogi was keen to stress that rider body control is integral to optimum performance in the horse and that rider and horse should be 'fit for purpose' in every respect.

Over poles and fences, he felt it essential that the horse was encouraged to 'look and then adjust its feet, in order to avoid knocking an obstacle' – stating that these three elements were fundamental to successful jumping.

He finally recommended that riders’ in search of clear rounds should 'always ride the last fence as if you have one more left to jump'.

Yogi’s wise words found favour with both guinea pigs and delegates alike.

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