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Mount Signal Manouevre

26 Sept 2016

BHS Cheshire Volunteer Committee held a free 'Mount, Signal, Manouevre' evening at BHS Approved Training Centre
Cheshire Riding School.

'So, you want to be safer on the road?' was the theme of the event, with more detail on:

- How to work with horse psychology whilst out on the road, and the window of opportunity
- Information on the Riding and Road Safety Exam
- Practical demonstration on the Do's and Don'ts

 he event was held on a weeknight at dusk, when many riders try to squeeze in a ride after work. The need for Hi-Viz clothing was particularly demonstrated by the fading light at this time, as shown in the picture. Attendees found the event very informative and a great refresher for those who took their Riding and Road Safety test a while ago. Thanks to Assessor Janice Pickup BHSAI SM for presenting and Cheshire Riding School for hosting.

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