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Hexam Captain and Tangle scoop the honours at Animal Hero Awards

8 Sept 2016



BHS extends their congratulations to representatives at Greater Manchester Police Mounted Branch, as police horses Hexam, Captain and Tangle were awarded 'Public Service Animals of the Year' at the Animal Hero Awards 2016.

The GMP horses braved fireworks and smoke bombs to prevent violent clashes between football fans after a match at Old Trafford, and helped to evacuate 75,000 fans after a bomb scare.

Here's Sergeant Cara Charlesworth explaining more in this video produced with the RSPCA. In the video you may also spot our think horse think 15 horsebox stickers. 

Both Hexam and Captain were present at the joint BHS and GMP think horse think 15 eventoutside Manchester Town Hall earlier this year, held in support of the BHS Dead Slow campaign which encourages drivers to slow down to 15mph when passing horses. Captain even stopped for a picture with volunteers from our Lancashire Committee!

Funded by the BHS North West Regional Committee, these stickers adorn every Greater Manchester Police Mounted Unit horsebox which frequently attend events across Manchester and beyond. Outlining key messages crucial for maintaining road safety for all road users, these form part of a concerted effort by the British Horse Society and Greater Manchester Police to encourage and educate drivers and riders how to stay safe on the roads

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