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BHS Bursary keeps Lancashire Riders Safe on the Roads

9 Sept 2016

In support of the British Horse Society's Dead Slow campaign, the BHS Lancashire Committee decided to introduce a Riding and Road Safety Bursary scheme, financed from funds held by the committee and open to all riders in Lancashire – both BHS members and non members.

As a Charity, the ethos of the scheme was to support local horse riders and offer individual bursaries of £85 each, in order to cover the cost of comprehensive riding and road safety training and the test at a local BHS approved equestrian centre. The first successful applicants will be trained at BHS approved Eccleston Equestrian Centre in Leyland.

Applications were invited in which details needed to be included as to how a bursary would benefit both themselves and others, to progress, or achieve an equine related goal. Applicants also needed explain as to why they thought they were deserving of such an award. The closing date for all applications was set as 2 September.

Applications were received from a wide range of riders of varying age, experience and backgrounds, and were carefully considered by volunteers on the Lancashire Committee. The successful applicants were:

Mia Schofield
Mia, a BHS member from Baxenden, rides regularly at a riding school and aspires to work with horses in the future. She feels completing this qualification will give her confidence and the skill to stay safe and she is keen to pass this knowledge on to friends and other riders – especially useful as a volunteer for the RDA.

Katie Farnworth
Katie is busy riding and looking after the many horses kept on her family farm in Preston. She is keen to gain the qualification to stay safe and help to ensure the welfare of horses, and hopes to pass information learnt on to family and friends who she regularly rides out with. Katie hopes to then move on and complete her stages to extend her equine knowledge.

BHS Lancashire Committee Chair Kay Bruce explained, “We see such increased volumes of traffic, making road safety training crucial to helping riders stay safe on the roads. We are so pleased with the quantity and quality of applications, it was a difficult task for the Committee to choose the recipients, however we’re pleased to say we will offer this bursary opportunity again in the Spring next year.”

Congratulations to Mia and Katie and good luck.  Thank you to everyone who applied.

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