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Volunteer in the Spotlight

11 Dec 2015

Next up in our Volunteer in the Spotlight series is Andrea Robinson. 

We asked Andrea, who is not only BHS Wirral Committee Chair, but a Riding and Road Safety Officer and Safety Officer, why she decided to become a volunteer, what she likes about the role and what she would have to say to anyone thinking of becoming a volunteer?

"I became a volunteer ten years ago and was recently surprised with the badge and certificate to prove it! Before that I was a BHS member for many years. I joined, as lots of people do, whilst I was taking my exams. I first decided to volunteer as a Riding and Road Safety Officer as I kept my horses on a busy road and I wanted to learn more about how to be safe whilst riding on the road and to help other people and their horses stay safe too. Many of the BHS Wirral Committee members are the same people I met at my first committee meeting ten years ago! Their wealth of experience and knowledge is outstanding and this is what I love about volunteering; everyone is so committed to their role and helping, encouraging and educating others. I personally find volunteering hugely rewarding and would encourage anyone considering it to take the next step, you will learn a lot, give a lot and make lifelong friends!"

Are you interested in volunteering? There are so many different ways to volunteer. Please, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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