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BHS Lancashire Annual Review Meeting

20 Oct 2015

On 6 October, BHS Lancashire Committee held their Annual Review Meeting at Hoghton Arms.

It was a night of introductions, as longstanding Chair Shelley Mee stepped down to Vice-Chair, and previous Vice-Chair Kay Bruce began in the role as Chair. Thank you Shelley for everything you have done in post of Chair, and we know both Kay and Shelley will continue to work closely on the Committee. Alongside this, we welcomed new volunteers David Mills and Lily Broughton who have recently joined the Committee, and new North West Development Officer Hannah Carrick.

Shelley began the evening with a report of the different events held by the Committee during 2015- from table top tack sale to fashion show plans and pleasure rides. We then went around the room, with different Volunteer Officers giving brief reports. Riding and Road Safety Officer Anita Knagg reported of a 95% pass rate from the four exams held this year. Regional Access and Bridleways Officer Chris Peat, who is part of the Lancashire Committee, reported that she is very busy as she currently has eleven ongoing cases that she is trying to get through. Passed around were pictures of a Bridleway repair at Waddington, which means that riders can now avoid the busy, narrow main road and stay safe on the Bridleway.

The room was then opened up for discussion, with many suggestions made by visitors for future events at both County and Regional level that will be discussed at our next Committee Meeting.


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