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An informative evening at BHS Merseyside Bitting Clinic and Annual Review

20 Oct 2015

BHS Merseyside were pleased to welcome Elaine Sutcliffe, of White Rose Equestrian, who ran a Bitting Clinic alongside their Annual Review on 15 October.

A busy room full of local equestrians joined us at the event, which began with an introduction from Hannah Carrick, new North West Development Officer. Hannah covered the work of the BHS to an audience of many non BHS members, and went into more detail about the BHS Merseyside Committee. She was then pleased to present Keith Hackett, Access Officer and Vice-Chair of the Committee, with an award for five years Voluntary Service. Keith then spoke about the Rainford Linear Path - a disused railway line only about 40 yards from the site of the meeting - which the BHS Merseyside Committee were instrumental in regenerating into a multi-access path for equestrians too.

Elaine then took to the floor with a fantastic, in depth talk that began by looking at the Welfare and natural instincts of the horse, working up to the tack and discipline requirements overall, then looking at the bit. Elaine explained that many of her consultations are best when seeing the horse and rider together, and that a bit can't produce a fully schooled horse - but can be an asset in the right hands. Many variations of bits were then passed around from Elaine's extensive collection, and many questions were raised which further demonstrated Elaine's extensive knowledge, particularly around the Myler collection.

Thank you to all who came along to the evening!

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