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Equestrian Sector LAG Consultations

16 June 2014


LEADER LAGS (Local Action Groups) have the responsibility for the distribution of monies under the Rural Development Programme for England (the RDPE). 

These RDPE monies come from the EU, and are administered via DEFRA in England. Funds will become available for a new Programme between 2015 and 2020 and the precise activities for which they can used, are determined by a local consultation process. This is part of that consultation.

Under the last Programme there was a priority to provide funds for equestrian businesses. However, in reality applications proved to be limited in number and only two businesses applied and benefited. One business received a small grant to improve their out-door surfaces and gain BHS Approval; the second received a larger amount to invest in improvements of its facilities more widely.

All businesses in receipt of monies were required to invest monies of their own alongside the grants. For larger grants they are also required to demonstrate that they have created jobs.

We would ask that you complete this questionnaire whether you are attending a Consultation meeting or not. We would ask that you complete this questionnaire with the interests of equestrians and particularly equestrian businesses in mind and that you consider in your answers how the monies available can be used to maintain and grow equestrian activities in a manner that will optimise participation and the employment and business activity that results.

Download the questionnaire (Word)

All completed questionnaires should be emailed to Keith Hackett

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