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Willington Hall Riding Centre Happy 20th Anniversary

22 Mar 2013


Well it’s our 20th Anniversary this year and we wanted to thank everyone in the local community for their support over this time.

The business has grown over the past two decades and we must, I suppose be doing something right as people come now from all over the country and all over the world to be taught to ride here (and sometimes stay at the beautiful Country House Hotel next door).

We’ve never been the cheapest nor did we aim to be. The welfare of our animals who are with us for life, has always been too important for us or any of our staff (many of whom also appear to be with us for life) to scrimp.

We can of course say all the usual things that people will say about their Riding School – you know BHS Approved, friendly staff, outdoor and indoor schools all that good stuff – but really for us at its heart it’s always been about the horses and taking a serious approach to teaching people of all ages to ride them and appreciate them as we do. All real fun in life demands a seriousness of approach don’t you find?

And the real fun begins, perhaps on one of those beautiful, cool, sunny Cheshire mornings; you will have progressed sufficiently in your riding to be allowed out on one of our forest hacks and at the top of the Sandstone Trail you’ll turn and look back across the Cheshire Plain to the Welsh Mountains beyond and, in the company of one of the most beautiful creatures in all of God’s creation, know what it is to be alive.

All the best, hopefully we’ll talk again in another 20 years – who can ever tell?

Anyway you know where we are… if you ring don’t be surprised if you get an answer phone we’re there but just a bit busy, leave a message we’ll call you back.

Sandra and Kevin

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