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Fire Rescue DemonstrationFirefighters from Eccles Fire Station attended The British Horse Society Manchester Committee's annual meeting to demonstrate their skills in large animal rescue.

The specialist crew has completed training in connection with Hampshire Fire Service and Myerscough College under the guidance of BEVA vets to rescue large animals.

Their aim is to prevent horse owners from putting themselves in unnecessary danger by attempting to rescue trapped animals themselves. BHS members were given a presentation from firefighter Andy Topping at North Cheshire Equestrian Centre, who explained the various methods that crews are taught to use to rescue horses from ditches, overturned trailers and rivers. This was followed by a demonstration from firefighters using a life-size fibreglass horse, weighing 350kg, affectionately named Dobbin.

Manchester committee county events officer Katie Storey said: "I think everyone who attended the presentation was reassured that in the event of an emergency Greater Manchester Fire Service have the necessary rescue and handling skills to deal with the situation safely.

"Hopefully members will now be able to tell their friends about the specialist training that these Manchester firefighters have received, preventing horse owners from trying to tackle situations single-handedly and avoiding future fatalities.

"We are very grateful to Manchester Fire Service for their continued help and assistance."

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