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BHS Committee Member Profile Access and Bridleways Officer

5 June 2013


BHS Cheshire committee are currently looking to recruit volunteers in the role of District Access & Bridleways Officers. Find out more about roles in Access with this BHS Committee member profile.

Name: Chris Peat

Role on BHS committee:  Lancashire Treasurer, North West Regional Access and Bridleways Officer (RABO) and District Access and Bridleways Officer (DABO) for Rossendale

Age (ball park!): Big 60 this year!

Occupation: Property manager

Horses you own: Best Flight (Fly)

What is your favourite horsey activity? Hacking

How did you get involved with BHS? Mary Towneley (of Mary Towneley Loop fame) asked me to join the committee while we were working together on a strategy for bridleways in Lancashire.

How long have you been in the role? On the committee for 16 years, Treasurer about 12 years, RABO seven years, and involved in access 33 years.

What does your role involve? Supporting County Access and Bridleways Officers, DABOs, training, commenting on new legislation that affects the equestrian world and lobbying.

What is your favourite part of the role? Winning a new bridleway or getting obstructions removed (best example was a bridleway obstructed for 26 years!).

Why is the work the BHS does regarding Access & Bridleways important? Without it horses would be forced onto the roads as we need a national body to protect our riding routes.


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