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BHS SE Kent Polework for the lunged and ridden horse

20 Oct 2016

S&E Kent Committee hosted a demonstration of polework for the lunged and ridden horse with instructors Alex Wyatt BHSI and Denize King BHSI and several excellent ‘guinea pigs’ using the indoor school at the Cobbes Meadow RDA Centre, Chartham.

 Each instructor used a lunged horse followed by a ridden horse each demonstrating quite different exercises with an explanation of their choice for each – the guinea pigs included an Andalusian stallion, an ‘off-the-track’ re-trained thoroughbred, a Connemara and an ISH, all very different types and at differing stages of training enabling the Alex and Denize to use very different exercises. Spectators were encouraged to ask questions following the sessions.

The S&E Kent Committee would like to thank both Alex and Denize and also to the ‘guinea pigs’ Vanessa Gray and Cartheno, Jane Mowl and Le King Beau, Denize King and Panther and Fiona Bithell and Classic Silver for their time so kindly given.

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