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BHS North and West Kent Bridleway Gains

21 Sept 2016

Bridleways Gained in Kent - Anne Rillie

A protracted period of user evidence gathering and many fruitless attempts at negotiating with land owners resulted in a Claim to Kent County Council for Definitive Map Modification Orders for the upgrade of several footpaths to bridleway, and the creation of some new bridleways, between Aylesford and Burham.
Objections were received so there was a Public Inquiry before a Planning Inspector in February, which lasted 6 days.

The Inspector’s decision has just arrived and the result is almost 5 miles of bridleways being added to the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way.

This will benefit horse riders as the barriers put across the paths (primarily to stop motorbikes) will soon be modified to allow horse access.

Cyclists will also benefit, especially as one of these paths is part of the cycle route KCC is working on, which will eventually provide an almost traffic free link between Maidstone and Rochester.

Walkers gain too. As well as still being able to use all the upgraded paths, they can use the three newly created sections of bridleway.

As the “new” paths form a network and link with other bridleways in the area, quite a large number of different circuits will be possible.

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