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Champion Hat Fitting Course

8 Sept 2014


Champion Hats kindly visited Squirrells Riding School to give training on Hat Fitting.

The course was fantastically thorough and covered how riding hats are manufactured and tested, the different regulations, how they have evolved and why, and how to maintain your hat.

It was enormously interesting to hear about the evolution of the riding hat and to learn the correct way of wearing and fitting a hat. The lecturers were also refreshingly unbiased to their brand and gave the training on behalf of all UK hat manufacturers, which meant participants could concentrate on the facts of hat safety.

The course also covered the basics of fitting body protectors as an added bonus. It was an excellent and informative way to spend a few hours and it didn’t cost a penny.

Thanks goes to the team at the Squirrells for their warm welcome and hospitality.


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