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BHS Surrey visit to Household Cavalry

11 Mar 2014


Household Cavalry Line Up

On 4 February 2014, members of the BHS Surrey area visited the Household Cavalry at Knightsbridge Barracks. There were 14 of us in total.

We were met at the front gates by a member of the riding staff (they are the Cavalry instructors). We were shown into a the viewing gallery to observe the 'khaki ride'. These soldiers were learning to ride carrying swords or instruments and wearing their ceremonial head wear. This looks far from easy as we were told the swords are very heavy.

Next came a very interesting talk from the riding master regarding learning to ride, the purchase and retirement of horses, riding in ceremonial attire and care and welfare of their horses.

We had a thorough tour of the barracks, seeing horses that had been returned from grass getting a full make over.

In the forge and the saddlery we had more very informative talks, where everybody had plenty of questions. Those farriers certainly put in long hours. During a tour of the stables we met the drum horses, who are magnificent. You wouldn't believe how much they carry.

It's lovely to see them untouched as the Queen likes their manes and feathers etc to be left natural. It does suit them.

Finally we visited the main stable block and saw the grooming and general stable duties in full swing.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the tour and raised £140 for the Household Cavalry Fund too!

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