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West Sussex Bursary Championship 2013

13 Apr 2013


West Sussex Bursary Winners 2013Despite the grey day and ever increasing dampness, all ten riders that were invited to come forward for the West Sussex Bursary Championship arrived at Brinsbury College full of enthusiasm and very well turned out.

The Bursary awards a sum of £250 to the winning horse and rider combination to use on training with a BHS Registered Instructor of their choice.

The ten selected riders were judged by Liz Eaton, BHSI, who initially called all combinations in for an individual discussion about their future training aspirations. The riders then had to complete a ridden assessment of their choice in front of Liz.

After much deliberation Liz decided to split the £250 bursary between two riders – Verity Cowper riding nine-year-old Alfie and Gez Wilson riding six-year-old Spring.

Liz said: “With 10 candidates, it was a very difficult to choose one worthy winner – so in the end I decided to split the prize between Verity and Gez.

"Gez in a great example of a grass-roots rider whose ambition is to be the very best rider she can be for her horse, Spring. Verity has more competitive ambitions and is looking to develop her skills and partnership with Alfie.”

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