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South and East Kent BHS Members Visit Greys PRE Stud

20 Apr 2013


Grays PRE Stud Mare & FoalFinally spring has sprung and what better way to enjoy it than on a guided tour of Grays PRE Andalusian Stud in the Canterbury countryside? South & East Kent BHS members had the chance to meet Kevin, Jayne and Vanessa Gray, and to see the beautiful horses that their stud has to offer. We learnt how a British PRE (Pura Raza Espanola - pure bred Spanish) Andalucían stud works, discussing breeding, the origins of the Andalucían horse and its development in modern breeding.

Jayne spoke in depth and with real passion about the Spanish horse and the traditional values of conformation, movement and temperament. The stud is known for its pure bloodlines linked with Cartujano/Terry breeding but also for crossbreeding Andalusians with other breeds. The stud is eagerly awaiting the birth of its first Andalusian x Hanoverian and hopes to one day breed a Thoroughbred x Andalusian for the eventing market.

Members had the chance to view the stud's foundation stallion Ulano, now 22 years old, a true representation of Cartujano/Terry breeding and the traditional war horse type. We watched Carceno V, the stud's national champion stallion, moving demonstrating his powerful extended trot and expressive canter.

One thing that was really evident was the stud's family background and care for the horses there. All the horses, from youngsters through to the older broodmare,s loved human attention and wanted to see their visitors! The stud breeds their stock for a market but not at the sacrifice of their mares, many of which are given a year out after each foaling. The youngsters are well handled and the quality of the horses being bred is clearly shown by the stud's numerous wins both nationally at the British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse shows and in the BAPSH international qualifiers.

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