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SandE Kent Gadgets Day

3 Mar 2013


The second event in the BHS South & East Kent's busy Spring season, Gadgets Day was blessed by warm and sunny weathe and over 40 spectators learnt from experienced BHSI presenters Denize Kind and Alex Wyatt.

Denize showed and explained the use of a number of training aids, stressing the importance of their gradual and sympathetic introduction to the horse. She also had the volunteer riders show the negative effects when a training aid is misused.

Alex supplied a wide selection of bits, nosebands and other pieces of tack. With the help of equine volunteers Crugy, Bear, Ben and Taz, Alex explained and demonstrated their correct use and fitting. Spectators were able to question him about specific issues of tack fitting and bitting related to their own horses.

This event attracted both members and non-members of the British Horse Society in almost equal numbers and the feedback from all who attended was that it was an informative and interesting day, enjoyed by everyone.

Alex Wyatt, BHSI talking bits and bridles at the South & East Kent Gadget Day

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