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BHS volunteer in bridleways victory

5 Mar 2013


British Horse Society volunteer Colin Sandford has been successful in his bid to have two bridleways added to the definitive map and statement in Effingham, Surrey.

After an inquiry in late 2012 the Planning Inspectorate confirmed the Definitive Map Modification Order, adding a bridleway to the definitive map and statement in Effingham. The accepted changes involved an existing footpath, known as Footpath 591, which has now been upgraded to bridleway status and the creation of a new public right of way with the status of bridleway, which is now named Bridleway No. 603.

Mr Sandford, District Access and Bridleways Officer for Guildford, initially submitted his definitive map modification order application to Surrey County Council in 2008.

Colin said of his success: “Winning this was a great relief after more than four years of hard work and waiting. Without this bridleway the many riders whose horses are based in and around Effingham village would have effectively been cut off from some of the best riding country in the area, which could otherwise only be reached by riding for about half-a-mile or more along a busy winding road with high banks on either side – not a ride I would recommend on even the quietest of horses.”

BHS Director of Access, Safety and Welfare, Mark Weston, said of the success: “This is a most welcome bridleway addition to the definitive map for riders in Surrey, where currently horse riders have access to only 35 percent of the public rights of way network. We are grateful to Colin and our other officers who worked so hard to achieve this.”

Mr Sandford was supported in his efforts by other BHS Access and Bridleway Officers. Such help is always available to any current Access Officers and members of the Society, should they ever wish to pursue a case similar to the one in Effingham. For advice, please contact the Access and Rights of Way Department on 02476 840582.

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