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BHS Eastern Region Training Bursaries 2016

22 June 2016

Information about the bursary scheme: There are three bursaries of £400 each available and you may only apply for one. You must be a BHS member (British Riding Club members are also eligible for the Amateur/Leisure Rider bursary) and live or work in the Eastern Region.

BHS Professional: For BHS registered instructors or other BHS professionals who have already achieved BHSAI or above*, looking to improve their skills and qualifications.

Amateur/Leisure Rider: For a BHS or BRC member, not a professional as defined above, seeking to improve their equestrian skills.

Equine Professional: For a BHS member training for a recognised qualification in an equine related field (such as farriery, saddlery, dentistry etc)

Those studying towards the AI are eligible for the BHS Scholarship Scheme.

The bursaries will be paid to assist with:

* training with a BHS approved instructor or at a BHS approved training centre;
* attendance at BHS training events;
* BHS examination fees; or
* training with an appropriate recognised professional body for the equine professional bursary.

Payment will only be made against invoices received, ideally directly to the provider, but reimbursement of properly rendered invoices paid by the awardee will also be possible.

Successful candidates will agree to take part in publicity to promote the work of the BHS. They may also be requested to give a very brief presentation about their experience with the bursary at an appropriate event in their local county. If a bursary has not been used within 12 months of the offer of the bursary the offer will be withdrawn. Extensions may be agreed in exceptional circumstances (eg injury or a specific training opportunity).

Selection Process:

Selection is based on an application form. This form must be submitted by email by no later than 21 August. Application forms must be submitted electronically as they will be distributed to the Applications Committee by email. All application forms will be considered by an Applications Committee appointed by the BHS Regional Committee. Short-listed candidates may be asked to participate in a brief telephone interview, to be held no later than 5 October. Before any bursary is awarded, a written reference will also be required, as set out on the application form. Only referees for short listed candidates will be approached.

All bursaries will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Applications Committee on behalf of the BHS Regional Committee. Any application made for bursaries may be rejected for any reason whatsoever and any decision made by the Applications Committee will be final.

*The Region comprises Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Download the BHS Eastern Bursaries Overview (pdf)

Download the Amateur Leisure Rider Form

Download the BHS Professional Bursary Form

Download the Equine Professional Bursary Form


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