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The Pine Lodge Experience Strikes Again

8 Dec 2015

This is a one off opportunity. Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation is one of the last remaining BHS affiliated Riding Schools left in Norfolk. We are offering the BHS Stage I, II and III training courses. These are going to take place one day a week over a ten week period. Pine Lodge is not an Exam Centre, so entrants will have to organise where and when they take their exam. This is easily booked with the British Horse Society.

As you are probably aware, we have had a fantastic success rate over the years with the pass rate of our students. Again, many thanks to Rossie Theobald at Newton Hall Equitation Centre, Suffolk for her support.

The course for all three levels will take place from 10am until 2pm on either a Tuesday or a Thursday.

Please specify if you can do either - or. You do not have to take an exam if you just want the experience. Great for new horse owners, or those considering horse ownership.

Also great for those who need to take an element or elements only.

Cost in advance will be £250 for first the five weeks and £250 for the next five weeks. Anyone requiring extra help can book extra days.

Dates will be arranged when interest is shown.

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