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BHS East of England Castration Clinic Tackles UK Equine Crisis

14 Oct 2015


BHS East of England Castration DayBritain continues to be in the grip of an unprecedented horse crisis with thousands of horses known to be in immediate danger, mainly due to indiscriminate breeding. 

The British Horse Society and its partners are trying to tackle this head-on by preventing unwanted foals being brought into uncertain futures. As part of these efforts, the BHS East of England Region held a vital castration clinic in St Albans, Hertfordshire, on 13 October.

In total, 14 horses were castrated and 18 were given passports and microchips. Thanks to support from Zoetis, all horses also were wormed and those that were castrated were also vaccinated.

A large team of people, including volunteer vets, worked together to carry out the castrations. BEVA supported the clinics by supplying the vets and equipment that was needed to organise the day.

The BHS would also like to thank the Blue Cross, Redwings, the RSPCA, HorseWorld, World Horse Welfare and the Donkey Sanctuary, who worked alongside the Society to deliver the clinic.

The nationwide castration campaign could prevent the lives of over 17,000 potentially vulnerable foals over the next two generations - but not without your support. Find out more about the appeal and how to donate securely now.

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