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BHS Eastern Region Awards 2015 Training Bursaries

5 May 2016

Five bursaries of £200 each have been awarded to BHS members in the Eastern region to help them achieve their equestrian ambitions.

The bursaries were available across a range of categories, including professional (for those working in the horse industry), student (for those studying within the BHS exam system), competitor (for those whose main focus is competing), amateur (for the ‘everyday’ rider and horse owner) and rider only (for the rider who does not own their own horse).

A high number of applications were received and bursaries were awarded to those who demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to their professional or personal riding development.


The Winners Are:

  • Professional: Gail West
  • Student: Kathryn Knock
  • Competitor: Rachel Lawson
  • BHS or BRC Member Amateur: Jennie Keable
  • Rider Only: Bobbie Aughton

The bursaries pay to assist with training costs with BHS instructors or to pay towards the BHS professional exams.

Gail West, winner of the Professional category, used her bursary towards her BHS Intermediate Teaching Test qualification. Gail works full time running her freelance instructor business Gail West Equestrian and teaches at BHS approved riding school The Stables Equestrian Centre in Wilstead, Bedford. “I think it's really important that as instructors/coaches we continue to learn and develop and keep up to date with the latest research and findings for the welfare of the horse and value for money for our clients,” says Gail.

Rachel Lawson, winner of the Competitor category, used her bursary for lessons with Jonathan Chapman BHSI. Rachel is a keen rider with a passion for eventing. “I am lucky to have two talented and sensitive horses and I continually have to improve my riding to do them justice,” says Rachel, “the bursary money will help me to access quality instruction and expertise so as to maximise their talent, keep them fit and healthy, and enable us to progress. Next season my aim is to move both horses up a level safely and confidently, and gain those all important placings!”

Kathryn Knock, winner of the Student category, has been working towards her BHS exams following  a loss of confidence as a child. Kathryn says, “The Bursary will enable me to continue my training, firstly to re-sit the lunging part of my stage 2 exam and then to train towards my PTT and Stage 3. I would like to specialise in teaching nervous horse riders as I feel that I could help them having truly been there, conquered that, got the T-shirt!”

Jennie Keable, winner of the BHS or BRC Member Amateur category, used her bursary towards lessons with her instructor Annabelle Bloch at Annabelles Equestrian. “We are working hard on our flatwork,” says Jennie, “and improving our canters. Though I do feel I need Annabelle to stand by the side of the arena when we are competing, as we never get the same canter in a dressage test as we do when Winnie knows that Annabelle is about!” Jennie has qualified for the second round of UK Riders Intro Dressage this year with her mare Winnie.

Bobbie Aughton, winner of the Rider Only category, used her bursary for lessons at Newton Hall Equestrian Centre in Ipswich, Suffolk. Bobbie says, “the ability to do more riding has paid off as I won a competition earlier this month!” Bobbie is also involved with The Pony Club and has become part of the examination team at Newton Hall.

Applications for the Eastern Region 2016 training bursaries will be opening soon and details will be on the East of England area of the BHS website.

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