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Broxbourne Woods improvements

4 Sept 2012

BHS Hertfordshire have used a small amount of money raised at their yearly quiz, to help sort out an issue on a permissive bridleway in Broxbourne Woods near Brickendon.

The main horse entrance from Brickendon onto the network of paths in the woods, had over the years become very eroded and overgrown. This meant traffic could not see riders joining the road and vice versa. Also, while looking for traffic, riders have to cope with their horse balancing on an eroded step.

With the vegetation cleared back and the step replaced with a gentle sloping ramp, this entrance is now much safer and easier for all riders to use.

Many thanks to Countryside Management Service for organising this work and especially to all those who help and come to the quiz. A small amount of money can make such a difference in getting an issue sorted.

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