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A BHS treat for nine lucky children

23 Aug 2012

BHS Bedfordshire chose to use some of their money raised last year to treat nine lucky children, currently in foster care and ranging from the age of 7-10, to a pony day at Bury Farm Equestrian Centre.

The day started off with the staff from Bury Farm teaching the children about all the different parts of the pony, and how to keep them looking their best and healthy. The children were taught how to put on a headcollar and tie the horse up correctly.

After the ponies were all tied up safe and secure. With the boys team versus the girls team, the children had a grooming competition, where the four girls to five boys groomed their hearts out to make sure their two ponies were cleaner than the other teams, but both teams got their ponies absolutely sparkling!

Then came along the hay net competition. After the start shout, in teams of two the kids raced to fill their haynets first. It was great fun and the smiles and determination on the children’s faces really made everyone giggle!

After a spot lunch, the ponies were tacked up and taken into the indoor school, each of the children got a ride on the ponies and at the end of the day a slow and safely paced gymkhana took place, the kids had to be led in walk to the cones, jump off, complete the stepping stones and run back to the start, there were also points for the loudest cheers!

The girls team won the shouting by a mile, but the boys ran the fastest. It was a superb day that the kids really enjoyed.

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