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Peter Harling Memorial

1 Aug 2015


Peter Harling MemorialOn Monday 10 August representatives from British Horse Society, Erewash Riders Association and friends gathered together on the western side of Hopwell Hall for the dedication of a bench in the memory of Peter Harling and his beloved horse Rupert. 

Peter was a keen equestrian and liked nothing better than to ride through the countryside exploring new routes and keeping check on the old bridleways. He was a founder member of The Derbyshire Horse and Pony Society, BHS member and recipient of a Good Guy Award and also Honorary member of Erewash Riders Association. Memorial Bench

From 1972 when the Hopwell to Dale Abbey Bridleway was closed to 2009 when he died at the age of 95 years he spent hours of his time researching and lobbying to get the bridleway re-opened. In 2013 the Bridleway was reestablished as part of the Greenway, But sadly Peter was not alive to see it. The BHS and Erewash Riders Association wished to acknowledge his invaluable contribution. The bench is sited to the side of the bridleway over looking Peters home village of Ockbrook and will be a reminder to all riders who pass by. The ribbon was cut by his wife Dorothy and all there gave a toast to Peter.


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