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Network Rail

8 Apr 2014


Network Rail is planning to make changes to the railways and the roads and tracks which cross them. Will this affect your ability to continue riding and driving horses where you do now and into in the future?

1. Nottingham to Newark Castle and the Nottingham to Grantham lines.

  • Network Rail is changing the level crossings on the Nottingham to Newark Castle and the Nottingham to Grantham lines. 
  • Please will everyone, who has part of one of those railway lines passing through the area that they ride (or drive), please check that they are “happy” (from an Access point of view) with what is proposed. 
  • If there is a crossing that has not been mentioned your comment could be: ‘Nothing said about xxxx level crossing’  
  • Please check the Network Rail website for the details of this section of railway.
  • There seem to be level crossings (including some on tracks, rather than roads) on those lines that are not mentioned – if you ride (or drive) one of those tracks, will you still be able to cross the railway after Network Rail have completed their updates? 
  • If you have any issues at all, please contact Jane Scott as soon as possible. 
  • You may prefer to contact the local councils yourself but please also inform Jane Scott (East Midlands Volunteer Regional Access & Bridleways Officer) who would like to be kept informed.

2. Line from Peterborough, through Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln, and Gainsborough to Doncaster

  • Network Rail is planning to invest in and renew the railway line from Peterborough, through Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln and Gainsborough to Doncaster so that the 86-mile stretch is transformed into a twenty-first century railway. 
  • Part of the plan is to raise the bridges that are to be kept so that larger freight carriages can be accommodated; however, not all the bridges will be kept. Some bridges carry farm tracks rather than public rights of way and the plan is to remove some of these bridges by buying the farmers out (allowing Network Rail to buy the farmers’ right of access over the bridges) as there is another route by which the fields can be reached. 
  • You may already use these farm tracks or, crucially, the track may in fact be part of an ancient trackway that has not yet been claimed as a public right of way. 
  • Please check the Network Rail website for details of this section and follow the links there to find out more details and the map to see the bridge locations.
  • Please check that you are “happy” with what Network Rail propose and, if you are not, please contact Jane Scott as soon as possible.

Getting our points over at this stage in the planning process should mean that we stand a far greater chance of being effective in getting what we need – more public bridleways and restricted byways for the future.

Jane Scott
East Midlands Access & Bridleways Officer

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