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MADBAG - New Bridleways and Access Group in Derbyshire

3 Mar 2014

A horse-riding group was launched in January 2014 created to improve and extend the bridleways network in the Matlock area.  Our name is MADBAG (Matlock and District Bridleways Access Group)

After a successful inaugural AGM held at the Gate Inn Tansley in January membership will run from 1st March and we are seeking to attract a wide membership together with volunteers to assist in clearing, restoring and in some cases creating routes where horses may be ridden off-road and in safety.  

Our committee is already in discussion with the Local and District Councils (including their footpaths and bridleways officers) and with a number of landowners and it is anticipated that once the monsoon season is over we should be able to make a start on some of our projects.

We are affiliated to The British Horse Society, with all the advantages of advice and support and we have links to the other local bridleways and riding groups. We are keen to work together with walkers and cyclists to improve off road facilities for us all.

If you are a horse owner or rider please consider joining MADBAG (membership for the year is £10 per adult £15 per family or £5 per under 16). You will then be entitled and encouraged to submit your ideas for bridleway improvement or perhaps suggest a link across farmland so that a busy road may be avoided.

We are hoping that the farming community will agree to trial licences to cross their land and would assure them that any necessary work such as fencing or horse-friendly gates will be constructed by MADBAG.  A code of conduct for riders will form part of the arrangement.

Now is the time to visit our website and come along to our next General Meeting to start the wheels in motion. This will be held at the Gate Inn, Tansley on Tuesday 25th March at 7.30pm or email us with any enquiries you may have.

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