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Gedling Country Park - Equestrian Access

14 Apr 2014


Gedling Borough Council in Nottinghamshire will be opening a new 'Country Park' in July.

The park will be in the centre of a large equestrian community and the Council is acquiring equestrian used fields and properties as well as using an old mine site  - however they have no plans to allow equestrian access to the park.

They are allowing dog walking, which is arguably a larger risk to other users and health and safety and we feel this is unfair discrimination against riders.  Part of rural and country life is seeing horses being ridden and grazing so adding this to activities in the park would be a great benefit rather than a hindrance.  

There is also limited road work for many to access this park.  With equestrian accidents on the road rising all the time and difficulties accessing off-road routes, it would seem that health and safety concerns would mean offering safer routes to take riders off the roads.  However, in this case, it doesn't seem to have occurred to the committee that this might offer an opportunity to provide safe riding routes. 

If you would like to lend your voice of support, please sign the online petition or 

Write to: 

Councillors Pam Skelding and Rachel Madden
Chair and Vice Chair
Nottinghamshire County Council - Rights of Way Committee
County Hall
West Bridgford
Nottingham NG2 7QP

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