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Rutland Bridleway re-opens

17 Oct 2013

Leicestershire and Rutland Bridleways Assistant Hon Secretary, Roger Linford and member Jenny Rivett are pictured on the newly-installed bridge on the Burley to Ashwell section of Bridleway E145 near Oakham in Rutland.

This section of this historic bridleway had been shut ever since the old bridge was washed away several years ago.

Roger said: ‘We're very grateful to WREN for their £10,000 grant that got the bridge made and LRBA was happy to support Rutland County Council's application for this money. This bridleway - also known as Loydall or Loodle Lane - has been shown on maps since 1624 and it's marvellous that it can continue to be used in its entirety’.

Vicky Allen, Vice-Chair of The British Horse Society's County Committee, thanked the County Council for an equal amount of work to build up the banks and install the bridge so that it will resist future floods. She said the bridge re-opening was a good example of the persistence needed over a number of years to get such major work done.

Local riders are already putting the reopened route to good use.

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