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Information needed from riders in the Annesley area of Nottinghamshire

29 Nov 2013


Rider Evidence needed for the right of way at Felley Woods, Annesley

We are looking for rider evidence to help with a bridleway claim on a footpath which is used by local riders and your help will be much appreciated.

There have been reports that some riders using the route have been challenged over their right to be there by a local resident.

The path is currently recorded as a footpath on the map but there is some evidence that there are ancient bridleway rights which are being investigated. The rights of way officer at Nottingham County Council is in favour of upgrading the route.

This is where we need your help:

The Annesley Estate lodged a declaration in 1997 that although there was access to horses along this pathway, they would not be prepared to upgrade the footpath into a bridleway permanently. However, if we can provide sufficient evidence that riders have been using the path for 20 years or more prior to 1997, this can be submitted as evidence to support consideration of an upgrade to a bridleway.

If you have used the path for any time prior to 1997, we would like to hear from you.

This is the information we need:

Must be addressed 'To Whom it May Concern'
Must include your own name and address
Must state for how many years you have ridden the track
Must state which part of the Felley track (the section between two bridges, where you pass the cottages)
How often you ride the track is not important, but if you regularly ride there this information may help
State if you have had any trouble or have been challenged whilst riding down there.

Please be aware that this pathway is currently a footpath, so technically horses do not have a right to be there. In order for us to change this, the correct procedures must be followed.

Anybody who is able to help with this information, please email Sylvia Hull.

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