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Salcey Forest - Help needed from Northamptonshire Riders

26 Feb 2013

‘Tree Ninja’ is the tree top activity site in Salcey Forest, and is close to the public bridleway to Piddington. It also runs next to a permissive route parallel to the Quinton road. Local riders are concerned for their safety.

The BHS did not submit any comments on the original planning application to Tree Ninja.  

I took up the post of volunteer BHS Access Officer for Northamptonshire in October 2012 and have since been contacted by riders and I hope to help as much as I can.

Just to clarify, the permissive route runs parallel to the Quinton Road and right next to Tree Ninja and as such, the Forestry allow the use. While they will listen to comments, they do not have to act and indeed may ultimately shut this path completely if they deem it is unsafe. This would result in riders using the Quinton Road to access the bridleway that heads to Piddington. I am anxious to see if we can keep this and find a way to make it safe for both users of Tree Ninja and horse riders.

I am meeting again with the Forestry Commission and Tree Ninja but I need some back up from riders about what they would like and feel is a safe solution. Both the Forestry Commission and Tree Ninja are happy to look at a solution. However, as with everything money, is an issue. Tree Ninja, along with the cafe and other facilities, are sited in this area as it is the only part of the Forest that is not protected Ancient Woodland and the income they generate is needed to sustain the Forest and keep it open to the public.

Please send us your answers to the following and forward it to as many people as possible that you know who use Salcey Forest.

• Following a site meeting the Forestry Commission have proposed to fence the permissive route - would this be a suitable solution? 

• How could the bridleway be made safe for equestrian use in your opinion?

Help is needed from everyone who rides in this area, so please send your concerns to  as soon as possible

Many Thanks
Sandra James
BHS Access Officer - Northamptonshire


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