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Road Safety Week backed by the BHS

21 Nov 2016

Road Safety Week is heavily supported by The British Horse Society (BHS) as statistics reveal over *2,000 reports of road incidents involved horses.

The national week-long event, run by road safety charity Brake, aims to prevent road deaths and injuries by raising awareness through schools, sports clubs and other organisations.

The BHS launched its campaign, ‘Dead or Dead Slow?’ in March calling for greater protection for horses and riders using the UK’s roads.

Since the launch, the BHS has worked with a number of partners including the Department for Transport and, most recently, Conservative MP Jake Berry who is helping to campaign for more information to be included in the Highway Code.

Jake Berry, Conservative MP said: “I have been working with the British Horse Society, and I want to help drivers pass horse riders safely when they meet on the roads. I want to help educate beyond the meaning of road signs, to instil confidence for all vulnerable road users. I will be raising this issue with other MP’s in Parliament”.

Alan Hiscox, BHS Director of Safety, said: “We are asking drivers to slow down to 15mph when they see a horse on the road. A lot of people aren’t sure how to safely pass a horse when driving, and that is why we are working towards strengthening the Highway Code so that all drivers know they should slow to 15mph when they meet a horse on the road.”

The British Horse Society has produced a video with the DFT demonstrating how to pass a horse on the road safely. The charity will also be asking equestrians to ensure that they thank any drivers who pass them responsibly.

Incidents can be reported to the BHS via the horse accidents website

Latest statistics; all statistics date from November 2010 to 1 March 2016. (The next round of statistics will be review in March 2017)

*2,070 incidents reported in five years
**1,158 accidents happened between 10am and 3pm (of the 1,796 where time was disclosed)

There have been 19 incidents where the driver has been reported to be on their mobile phone whilst in an incident with a horse and rider on the road, 1 of which was said to be texting.



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