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Stop the scourge - help fly-grazed horses now

10 Sept 2014


Animal welfare charities, including the BHS, and rural groups have launched a landmark report to highlight a problem which is causing misery for horses and serious problems for landowners and the general public.

The six major charities and country’s largest rural organisations have released the report on ‘fly-grazing’ – the practice of leaving horses on someone else’s land without permission - which is on the increase among some irresponsible horse owners.

The charities and countryside organisations want to see new or updated legislation to tackle unlawfully grazed horses in England along the lines of the Control of Horses (Wales) Act 2014.

This would enable Local Authorities and landowners to take swift and cost-effective action to deal with fly-grazing horses, and act as a better deterrent.

Parliament will debate a proposed change in the law in October when MP Julian Sturdy’s Control of Horses Bill, supported by all the organisations behind the report, will have its Second Reading. 

Please help by taking a moment to email your MP and asking them to support the Bill.

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