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Equine safety campaign receives Royal seal of approval

13 Dec 2013


The British Horse Society has won a remarkable fifth Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of its outstanding contribution to improving road safety.

This latest award has been presented for the charity’s joint work with NFU Mutual and PRP Equine Rescue on an equine safety campaign which aims to reduce accidents involving horseboxes and trailers.

Since 2011, the group has been working to highlight the importance of vehicle maintenance, safe driving and the rules and regulations surrounding the use of horseboxes and trailers. To date, the campaign has educated over 1,000 horse owners and equine students and has provided free weight and vehicle safety checks for more than 800 horseboxes and trailers at equine events across the UK.

The award was presented to Sheila Hardy, BHS Senior Executive (Safety), by Prince Michael of Kent at the PMIRSA Ceremony held at London’s Savoy Hotel on Tuesday 10 December.

Speaking about the award, Sheila said: “It’s a fabulous accomplishment to have received five Prince Michael Awards in the last 18 years. 

“We’re very proud to have received this accolade – we now have one more award than ROSPA. It’s a fantastic achievement and exceptional recognition for our work in supporting road safety from those outside of the equestrian industry.”

Lynn Petersen, Chief Executive of The British Horse Society, commented: "Safety of horses and their handlers is at the heart of the BHS. Every year we work to create a safer environment, so we are thrilled that once again, our efforts along with NFU Mutual and PRP Equine Rescue, are being recognised."

Adrian Walsh, Director of The Prince’s Award Scheme, said: “This initiative is a wonderful example of collaboration and its careful delivery and wide reach have already made many young people much safer drivers. It has huge potential to reach many more.”

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